Get Swerve - EP

by Mark Durksen

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This is a compilation EP of my earliest releases; from late 2011 to early 2012. Enjoy!


released October 17, 2012

Mark Durksen, Andy Tallman, Jeremy Bundy, Leah Duerksen



all rights reserved


Mark Durksen

All releases by Mark Danger. He now raps under his legal name with LSTNFND Music (website below).

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Track Name: Get Swerve
Jesus came to serve, not to be served.
Look how he replied when John’s mom said, “Please sir,
Can my sons sit beside you in eternity?”
Said, “It’s not my call what they deserve.

But these gentiles and their Caesars
And their high officials digging deeper
Into the pockets of their people who bleed first;
Let me tell you right now; that’s not how we work.

You want to be first, you gotta be the slave.
You pack a servant’s heart, you’re gonna win the race.”
Hey, celebrity culture, man, in your face!
I’m reading Matthew chapter 20:20-28.
Check it out!

Now get swerve! (So Willing to sERVE)
Whether you live in the projects or you live in the burbs.
In the heart of the cities or in the middle of rural areas.
Go there and love. It may be scary at first,

But when Mary had heard the angel declaring to her
That she would bear the Messiah she’s like, “Alright. I’m your girl.”
Now we all have found favour in the eyes of the Creator.
If His Spirit lives in you then share His life with the world

And get down with more than just words.
Live out the gospel you’ve heard.
If it has changed your life, then love your neighbour like
Our risen Saviour might and get swerve!

Get down with more than just words.
Live out the gospel you’ve heard.
You wanna change a life, then love your neighbour like
Our risen Saviour might and get swerve!

Ima dance dance dance in this life like Andy Tallman.
Take my plans and my time ‘cause I can’t be all the things
The world tells me to be. So Ima be Your servant
And pour worth into people because they’re more than just scenery.

If someone has a problem and we ask, “Who are we, police?”
Maybe not, but we’re the hands and feet of Jesus.
Please don’t brag about knowledge because any Pharisee can preach.
Respect for the pulpit, but men are dying and need to eat.

That’s why Ima get my Samaritan on.
If life is night time, we’re preparing for dawn.
If sin is terrorism then despair is a bomb
So let’s diffuse it with the tools that we share as a body.

Wake up like coffee, or hot tea.
People say we’re off beat. Well, it’s probably true.
Saved by grace, not deeds, but in God we move
Into the catastrophes at our jobs and schools.

And get down with more than just words.
Live out the gospel you’ve heard.
If it has changed your life, then love your neighbour like
Our risen Saviour might and get swerve!

Get down with more than just words.
Live out the gospel you’ve heard.
You wanna change a life, then love your neighbour like
Our risen Saviour might and get swerve!
Track Name: 2 B Praised (feat. lil duerk)
Mark Danger:
Hey yo, my rhymes are like skinny jean pockets; they’re tight.
Well, not always, but by the grace of God, they’re alright.
So I’ll use my skills to edify the body of Christ
Like how a lightbulb, when it’s plugged into a socket, gives light.

He is my power source. His wind keeps me aloft like a kite.
More than that, He’s ground control and I’m His rocket in flight.
I won’t be calling Houston if I’ve got a problem or I’m falling
Into the pit of despair. I’ll pray and talk about life

With Jesus. I need Him. Still I will applaud Him when I
Feel as though my world’s developing perfectly. I flock to my guide
In any weather like a sheep to a shepherd. He knows me better
Than I know myself and shows me how to conquer the night

With a recipe from above that leaves us shockingly bright.
When you combine your works with love, they’re sweet as Pocky and Sprite.
That means whether I’m scrubbing toilets or I’m rocking a mic
I do it all for Christ. He’s awesome like cannot be described.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
I be on my grind and I rep Christ everyday.
From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets
The name of the LORD is to be praised.

Then it goes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
We be reppin Jesus and we praise his name over again.
Alpha and Omega. The first and the last.
Christ is the beginning and the end.

lil duerk:
Yo, I’m lil duerk, you probably heard of me.
I’m that skinny, white kid who’s reppin JC.
Yeah, my beats are breezy. They blow like the wind.
They have more depth than a cannon and cannot be thinned.

I rap about my radical Father, his love and glory.
And how he’s in my life and has changed my story.
I no longer live alone or feel empty inside
‘Cause Jesus burns in my heart, and in him I take pride.

I’m not ashamed to share his word and what he did for you and I;
How he died on the cross. His love will never run dry.
When I spit these rhymes I hope you hear what I say.
There’s only one question left: Who do you rep everyday?


Mark Danger:
Yeah we’re talking about Jesus! He turned a symbol of torture
Into a bridge across borders that formed when sin pulled a scorched-earth
And led us into the horrors of living without our Lord
Walking in our midst, but of course, that is why he did what he did.

He is risen and lives forever. My mission is his fame.
And he is my provider. I don’t care if I get paid or not.
If my mixtapes are hot or just flop
I’ve got the greatest thing on earth. Hey lil duerk, what you got?

lil duerk:
I’ve got love and hope ‘cause God’s on my side
He’ll never leave me even if I run or hide, so
Listen up, ‘cause my reppin is hot.
My passion is for him and in his love I am caught.

I don’t care about a big cash flow, what it could buy me,
My name in shiny lights or if millions like me.
Everything I say and do is for my Lord.
To glorify his name and bring his love to the world.

Track Name: With Us
Inhale, exhale.
When did the air in here get stale?
Or has it always been like this? And maybe
That’s the reason kids often set sail
And leave me just on the beach with questions.
Voices in my head saying, “Let’s bail.”
But are the members of my congregation
To which I have an obligation like dead scales?
Can I just slough them off as the pieces
Drift apart like galaxies?
Even the universe ain’t staying together
So if our church won’t don’t get mad at me.
Is it my fault that we don’t have a dream
Or that two of our three pastors got asked to leave
Or that we draw a fine line between angry mob
And complacency? What a tragedy
When the church blocks off the path to freedom
And just takes up space with its parking lot.
If we speak in all the languages of men,
But don’t have love we’re just barking dogs.
I can speak proper English or in slang for shizzle,
But without God’s love I’m a clanging symbol.
Life can be black and white like a manga,
But we are here to fill it with colour like a bag of skittles.
That being said, what’s the deal?
Why do we split like banana peal?
And the pastors can’t do it themselves
They’re not superhumans. No man of steel
Or wonder woman, but sometime I wonder
Would it be better for love to flourish
Without the institution? God you did
A number on us when you made the church the blueprint.

You said you would be with us
Until the end of the age.
I know all the love that you have for us
Has not spilled over in vain.
And I know that I have a purpose,
But there are some things I don’t know
Like where did my home go?

Now it’s like I don’t even feel it anymore
A family leaves because they’re bored
Or just hates dealing with our gory
Business meetings ‘cause we sure
Cannot agree on what the Lord
Thinks of our preaching, vision, boards
Or worship. We cannot afford
To keep on bleeding. Yo, our sores need healing.
‘Why can’t we get along?’ Is cliche,
But the question stands, why can’t we?
If we keep pressing on we’ll need
Patience, grace and understanding.
Listen, you can hear the heartbeat of the church.
We have a mission, but the parts need to mature.
We say we’re Christians, but we’re sharks feeding off each other.
When our teeth sink into brothers then Jesus gets hurt.
It’s his body and it’s probably hard
For him to watch his own legs fighting with his arms.
And while we carry on fights we thought were holy to start
The world carries on dying ‘cause it’s lost in the dark.
And so are we apparently;
Spinning ‘round in circles like a ferris wheel.
But I believe in a God who helps us move on.
Man, his power is strong and his love is real.
So Lord, we need you now like we always did.
Apologies for stalling your agenda
With accomplishments and politics.
What can the church bring if love is not the first thing?
Let’s humble ourselves and, God,
Restore yourself in all of this.

You said you would be with us
Until the end of the age.
I know all the love that you have for us
Has not spilled over in vain.
And I know that I have a purpose,
But there are some things I don’t know
Like where did my home go?
And now that so much has been changed
What can I do,
But let go of my pride
As I’m holding on to you?

Breathe in, breathe out.
I praise God for what I see now.
Man, it’s funny what a few months can do
When the Spirit’s at work in you deep down.
I saw my bro step up his leadership game.
It was so fresh. Got a new pastor,
Feeling so blessed. And we’re still broken,
But there’s big difference between broken and hopeless.
And I want you to know that I know
Where my hope is. It’s with Jesus. He is
Better than we ever could deserve. He’s the word
And my home and it’s sweeter than Reese’s Pieces
That he even sees us, let alone chooses to use us
As though he even needs us.
Bring all your cares to God, ‘cause he cares a lot.
He died and everybody there, they mocked him.
But he rose and now we win, yo.
No doubt that he is living.
We rolling down our windows
And we shout it to the city
That we on this. We on this
Always keeps his promise.
He leaves his flock to save the lost
Even when only one is.
I’m honest. Yeah.
We can feel our nerve endings reconnecting
With your prompting. Yeah.
It’s so positive. We taste oxygen.
Tell your body that we’re back.
And you say, “Wait, Mark, don’t jinx it!”
But what’s a jinx to our Lord and savior?
I say bring it!
Track Name: Dry Clothes
At times I’ve thought that sin’s my addiction and Satan’s my dealer,
But, no, sin’s my decision and I don’t have to please her.
Though I’ve got my free ticket it seems like every three minutes
I get lost like a cricket without eyes or feelers.
But finders is keepers and you find me like seekers find snitches.
I’m the fish. You’re the hook and the rod and the reeler.
When I’m sick you are my hospital, doctor and healer.
You enthrall me more than comics with creatures.
I see God in my spiritual siblings and teachers
And when they go to heaven they’re filling the bleachers
And watching the race while I walk ‘til my feet hurt
And cheering me on when I stop for a breather.
The preacher said, “God loved his sheep first. Believe word and then
Open your heart to rebirth; receive what He sent.”
I have the spirit. Guess I’ll speak some gospel here in these lyrics
And mirror Jesus. Send me throughout Your green Earth.

Send me throughout Your green Earth, Your blue seas and pebble grey
Cities of concrete. Astonished because You want me.
A king who came to wash our feet; I thought about that logically
And, honestly, it got to me I want to see what all this means.
Raised on talking collared greens that taught to me
The promises you have for little kids, now grown up into what you see.
Shaped by the mistakes I’ve made, rejoicing in our victories,
I read my bible every day and pray because you’re making me
A visionary, missionary masterpiece.
My Christian bubble smashed to pieces.
Open to the world, but I’m training like I’m Master Chief
And dodging all the obstacles haphazardly
Strewn all across the battlefield, down the narrow path to real
Life and real fortune, guided only by Your lamp that leads me.
Safe in caves of darkness in which spider-webs have spanned the ceiling.
Truth has got more kick than all the cannons at a Panzer meeting.
Blam! It’s quick. Blam! The canister hits land and you help us understand it’s meaning.
Stand for freedom; freedom through grace
Because Your covenant’s a handsome treaty.
Hand that feeds me, don’t hide your face
And when I tell you “no”, please don’t believe me
‘Cause You know that I’m needy and I know that I need You
But my ego can be so deceiving.
I had holes in my soul. I was cold. I was bleeding.
Grabbed hold of your cloak, now I’m sewn up and healing.
Yo, take my money; I don’t need it.
I fold, throw my cards back to the dealer.
I’m done playing this sex-and-popularity game;
I have a mansion up in heaven with my name on it.
And I’m running out of time to be humble on this Earth.
I get all caught up in my pride then just stumble and get hurt.
Don’t want to have to look back on my life and then wonder why my works
Didn’t reflect the word I speak of believing.
And speaking of believing, trust is a touchy subject.
Such that I’d much rather discuss another subject,
But when you’re afraid of what’s next resolve can evaporate.
I think it’s safe to say that at times I’ve misplaced my faith.

At times I’ve misplaced my faith, but I have never let the hope die.
Though I’d like to be sure sometimes that’s all I have to go by.
I’m sorry. I don’t have all the answers. Some think I’m so wise.
I’m so not. Compare me to an angel? Yeah, man, don’t try.
But I won’t lie. My sins don’t matter anymore. Do you know why?
Because God took them all away when He sent His son to go die
And rise. I’ve been washed clean, now I’m just waiting ‘til my clothes dry.
All glory to God and all my praise to the most high.